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Township Tech Development Foundation, owner of Mytechdev.org

With a compassionate heart, we offer the following programs
Rudiments of Coding
Fundamentals of the art & science of Coding

We  support students to learn 3 main programming languages - Python, Javascript and Java.

Enterprise Technology
IT Enterprise 

We partner with Enterprise technology companies and offer them a chance to reach students right from when they are in universities. 

Artificial Intelligence
AI and Machine Learning 

We support Africans who are interested in Artificial Intelligence research. We also provide training on the rudiments of data science and machine learning algorithms.

Fundamentals of Creative Design 

Many African students are naturally gifted in design and creative art forms whether in image and video formats. We help them go from analog to digital

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About Mytechdev.org

Mytechdev.org, registered as "Township Tech Development Foundation", provides computing infrastructure, internet, passionate instructors & welfare packages for students to learn coding, enterprise technology & design.

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    Ilesha, Osun State, Nigeria
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