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Registered as Township Tech Development Foundation, we are a charity empowering young, ambitious Africans from diverse backgrounds, including male, female, LGBTQ+, the physically disabled, and those in the remote parts of Africa who often don’t have access to digital technology.   We provide computing infrastructure, internet, passionate instructors & welfare packages for students to learn coding, enterprise technology & design.



The Mytechdev.org Charter

Our charter at Mytechdev.org / Township Tech Development Foundation is to scale the provisioning of critical technology training inputs to townships around Africa. We find and train the most ambitious students and connect them to jobs or entrepreneurship opportunities.


Our Mission 

Solving hard problems for young Africans is our passion - we provide computing infrastructure, teach in local languages, provide welfare packages, and create a community of students who learn and challenge one another

Our Vision

A diversified technology sector where young Africans irrespective of their race, gender, sexual orientation or physical disability can achieve mastery of enterprise IT engineering and design in order to contribute meaningfully to the local and global ecosystem



We are passionate about imparting knowledge


We select programs with well-defined certification requirements. We are serious about measuring the impact of our work by training students to attain the globally defined knowledge standards specified by the technology creators.

Where a technology we support does not have a global certification, we are happy to co-create one with the partner.


If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with others. The journey to training a student to be world class is best done in communities.

We set our students up into communities where they interact among themselves, with industry experts, internal and external teachers.


Most African students lack core infrastructure such as laptops, stable and fast internet, relevant textbooks, regular meals, mental health support and welfare offerings.

We provide infrastructure as a baseline upon which students can thrive.

Our Partners

We are very  proud to partner with like-minded organizations who share our vision of driving innovation through wholesome tech training

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About Mytechdev.org

Mytechdev.org, registered as "Township Tech Development Foundation", provides computing infrastructure, internet, passionate instructors & welfare packages for students to learn coding, enterprise technology & design.

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