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A charity providing free STEM and programming training and certification programs to ambitious African students who need it to start or grow their careers...
We are deliberate about empowering learners with physical disabilities and those in rural areas. (Township Tech Development Foundation)

We commissioned a number of research and pilot programs that demonstrated to us that certain inputs such as teaching IT engineering using local languages, providing computing infrastructure, welfare packages and hands-on group challenges drastically helps to eliminate barriers to entry into the tech space. 

Advancing African Digital Talent...

Our foundation is on a mission to empower African students with cutting-edge IT knowledge.

Africa has the youngest population in the world according to the UN, with 70% of sub-Saharan Africa population under the age of 30. Many of them are in abject poverty. A proven way to lift young Africans out of poverty is by equipping them with relevant enterprise IT and design knowledge.

That is our essence.

Our Mission

Solving hard problems for young Africans is our passion - we provide computing infrastructure, teach in local languages, provide welfare packages, and create a community of students who learn and challenge one another.

Our Vision

A diversified technology sector where young Africans irrespective of their race, gender, sexual orientation or physical disability can achieve mastery of enterprise IT engineering and design in order to contribute meaningfully to the local and global ecosystem.

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About, registered as "Township Tech Development Foundation", provides computing infrastructure, internet, passionate instructors & welfare packages for students to learn coding, enterprise technology, artificial intelligence & design.

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